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Doors, Tables and Fish

Andrew DeSantis is my nephew and the son of my brother and business partner of 40 years. He was assigned to build two entrance doors for a long time client in Chevy Chase. The house has 2 entrance doors, one has a fixed panel on the left with a 36" door and the main entrance is a mirror image of the other, only without the fixed panel.

Andrew started with 4/4 and 8/4 rough ribbon mahogany lumber. He had to build the jamb with an integral threshold. the design of the doors was modified from a set of double doors we designed and built years ago. The doors have a 45" tall arc of glass with asymmetrical rectangular raised panels. The fixed panel has 2 rectangular panels of glass and an onlay crescent on the long panel. On the same installation day we delivered the dining room table which was made from Peruvian walnut. It measures 7' x 46" with two 18" leaves that attach at the ends of the table. The apron on each end pull out to accept the leaf, locked in by a french cleat and secured by a threaded knob.

The customer has also ordered another aquarium stand for an 18"x60"x24" aquarium. the stand is made from Walnut solids and veneers, with inlays of mother of pearl and abalone dots representing bubbles. And finally we are building a third bamboo dog gate.

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