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Remembering Mark

We are jumping out of order here of introducing our team - but for good reason. This past January we lost one of our former co workers and close friends, Mark Henderson.

Seven years ago he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, and after a gallant fight, he lost to this horrible disease.

Mark worked for us for a number of years. He originally worked as a painter for over 30 years until his arthritis made it uncomfortable to work from ladders all day. We were then fortunate to have him join our team as our color consultant. We are constantly trying to match stains and paints from repeat clients. Mark came up with a journal of clients with a formula associate with each.

He was much more than an employee, he was a friend for over 40 years. He was the type of person who could walk into a group of strangers and within minutes he was be able to talk to anyone about anything. He loved food, travel, reading, music, movies, golf, horse racing, and most of all all things Pittsburgh. He also loved poker - which our group of friends would play every Friday night. He would get so mad when I had a less than mediocre hand and stay in, and ultimately take him out of the game. He was one of the few people who could make you laugh until you cried.

When his wife Liz approached us to make the urn to hold his ashes, we were honored.

Andrew (Mark had known Andrew since he was born) was the artisan who built the container. The box is made of solid Bubinga with a 1/4" inlay of Zebrawood and a quarter inch inlay of bamboo with a solid Rosewood top.

Mark's memorial is this Saturday, he will be dearly missed by all who knew him. Please share this with anyone who has lost a loved one to cancer or is living with the battle.

Jerry, Tim and everyone at DeSantis Designs.


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