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Meet the Team: Part 1

We thought we'd introduce you to our team of skilled artisans and the projects they are involved in. First up is our most senior employee, Jamie Prem. Jamie has been working for us for over 30 years and has become part of our family. He has been with us through thick and thin, and worked on most of our large projects including the one we will discuss today.

Jamie is currently in the process of building a custom office for a longtime client. The office is in a loft that we like to call "the tree house." It is above a total rebuild and renovation of a large closet and bathroom. We call it the "tree house" because we are actually sculpting a tree out of solid cherry! It is made of 12/4" cherry that has joinery to make the branches. The branches will hold smaller shelves for display. There is also a secret storage space behind a decorative knot in the tree.

There are lots of neat features of this loft. Aside from the tree sculpture/storage - there will be a bench with an inlayed puzzle top for the clients grandchildren. On the side wall there will be a small bar with a sink.

The main reason for the loft is to be used as an office space as well as a gathering area. So, there is also a desk that Jamie is working on. A 6 foot desk extending from the wall will be built from 8/4" solid walnut with inlays of curly maple and a glass top.

This entire loft space is built to match the addition below which includes a library, closet, stairs and a custom bathroom. We designed this space in a post and beam addition. The closet is made of bamboo, plyboo, and curly maple. In the center of the closet is a large storage island with a granite top. At the end of this island is a bench that lifts up to reveal a shoot directly over the laundry room! There are also custom dressers and a custom make-up/vanity table in this closet.

The fully custom bathroom is a sight to see. A beautiful space designed by Jerry - the room has 20 ft ceilings and a full glass wall looking out to a beautiful wooded lot with a stream running through. The double sinks are designed to look like a yin-yang with a dark granite flowing into a lighter granite. the actual sinks are hammered bronze vessels. The mirrors are suspended with solid ash "S" shaped structures supported from a center medicine cabinet. The entire room is done in solid walnut and ash, and probably not one straight line to be seen!

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