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Recently we had an installation in a New York City high rise overlooking Central Park.

We created many things for this apartment, including - two custom walk-in closets, a platform bed, a credenza/bar, and soon we will be making tables to match. The first closet is made from wenge with birds eye maple inlays, LED lighting, custom pull down hanging rods, granite counters, and a secret locking cabinet. Closet number two is made from curly maple and bloodwood, with hampers and also with granite counters.

The platform bed was custom made out of solid walnut with a 12 foot carved headboard. The headboard was a 4 inch think walnut carving with integrated upholstery. The matching night stands were cantilevered and had to support granite tops and a 60 lb crystal lamp!

In the grand salon we designed and built an 11 foot cantilevered credenza. The sculpture on the face and sides were created using 18 different wood species, most of which were exotics. The credenza includes a solid walnut top where a 7 foot section in the center rises automatically to expose an impressive marble bar.

After all of this was installed in the apartment, the clients have decided they would like 5 accent table to match the sculpture on the credenza. After multiple designs submitted to the client, 5 were approved! The tables are being made of over 20 different exotic woods including bubinga, peruvian walnut, zebra wood, rosewood, zyrcote, quilted maple, bloodwood, wenge, purple heart, and ash to name a few. These tables will be situated in the north and south salon of the apartment with a beautiful view of the park!

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